Back To The Wild Rehabilitation is located in southwestern Redding, Connecticut.
You may reach us by phone anytime for an emergency - during regular working hours for info or advice.  Feel free to call for assistance to find a rehabilitator in your area.
Phone   203 438-0618

The tiniest screech owl ever taken in. Most orphaned screech owls are admitted in early June.  This one was admitted in July.  He is a gray phased screech.  He was released not long after these pictures were taken.
Back to the Wild Rehab CT photo
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Back to the Wild Rehab CT Photo

If you have found an injured wildlife or confirmed orphan you should remain calm.  Place the animal in a box preferably with a rug or matting for footing on the bottom of the box.  Thickly placed, scrunched up paper towels should be used for padding on all four sides to minimize movement.  Always wear gloves.  Caution.  Handling raptors can be dangerous!  You need to be wary of their feet.  They will "fall" backwards to try to foot you.  Placing a towel or sheet over them will calm them somewhat.  With very thick fireplace type gloves (or two pairs of work gloves)  from behind the bird, gently try to bring the wings of the bird towards its body and then lift and quickly place in a box and cover.  Note if a wing is injured try to apply as little pressure as possible on that side. 
Place in a quiet, warm, dark area away from people, pets and noise until brought to the rehabilitator.  During transport keep car quiet and warm and place the box in a secure position to keep from moving.